Travel Agents -Tour operators


As you probably find out on our pages we can not provide you just guided tours in Rome, its province and the Vatican city but also arrange for you tour managers,escorts for the cruise excursions, hospitality desk and assistance during the transfer from or to the airport or railway station.

The following links are about the tours that we normally provide but we can propose you even some special itinerary for incentives or special groups,like a wine or  food tasting tour, a scooter or electric car tour, tour about a special matter like the medicine in Rome, about a movie like Roman Holidays, or the Gladiator, about a book like Angel and Demons or an opera like the Tosca.

If you are a tour operator or a travel agent send us your request and your iata no. and we will work on it in order to give you our special rates and to arrange everything you might need.


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